Who we are

One question we often get asked is ‘why the name ‘Meal-a-Day?’. The answer to this question lies in our origins. The Christadelphian Meal-a-Day fund was established in 1976, at a time when world hunger was high on the political agenda. At this time the then US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, gave a speech concerning the need to provide at least “one meal a day” to every person on earth. A group of Christadelphians took this concept as the core principle of a charity they set up, as well as inspiration for the name of that charity. The Christadelphian Meal- a-Day fund was born!In it’s infancy CMaD was focused primarily on feeding projects, living up to it’s aim to provide a meal a day to those in desperate need of it. But since then CMaD has grown beyond only funding feeding programs today supports and runs agricultural, water, health, educational and child protection projects.

Due to rapid growth, and Meal-a-Day’s worldwide operation, the management of Meal-a-Day’s projects is split into 3 distinct charities based on geographical location. Although these three charities operate independently, they all share a common aim, and work towards Meal-a-Day’s shared vision.

CMaD’s worldwide work is split into three sister charities:

  • Christadelphian Meal-a-Day UK – Based out of the UK, CMaD UK looks after projects in Africa and Eastern Europe. The website you’re currently on is dedicated to CMaD’s work across these areas.
  • Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Asia Pacific – Based out of Australia, CMaD Asia oversees the work done in Asia Pacific region, in particular countries such as India, Thailand and the Philippines. To find out more about CMaD Asia Pacific, go to
  • Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Americas – Based out of the US, CMaD Americas runs projects focused in South America as well as within the US itself. To find out more about the great work being done by CMaD Americas go to