Funding a school is a long term commitment but makes a huge difference

Our Mission

CMaD’s mission is, as a practical witness to our faith, to share the blessings we receive from God to help those who are in real need in the less developed parts of the world.

We support sustainable ‘down to earth’ projects that focus on supporting vulnerable children, the provision of clean water, agricultural skills, basic health care and education and a meal a day.

Our hope is that by touching the lives of our ‘neighbours’ in need we might by our actions help to also teach them something of the love of Jesus and the hope of everlasting life to be found by faith in him.

The charity is run from within the Christadelphian community and each of its trustees and officers give their time and expertise free to CMaD.

They often pay most or all of their own costs for overseas visits to projects. This ensures that the charity has the very minimum administrative costs and overheads.

As a result CMaD is typically able to deliver 97% of its income direct to our projects.