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Project Library

We help support projects throughout Africa, from ongoing long term projects like orphanages to one off smaller projects such as bore holes. Below is a list of just some of the projects that we support. Each of these projects have featured in a recent newsletters, so you can find out more about them.

Project Country
Aquafilters – working with an NGO to help provide 250 households with aquafilters and access to safe water. Learn more… Ghana
Adult Literacy Classes – during the civil war in Sierra Leone many schools were closed. CMaD now operates four Adult Literacy Classes to help address the issue. Learn more… Sierra Leone
Awire borehole – giving a lifeline to locals in Awire, Uganda, by providing fresh water. Learn more… Uganda
Boyani ECD – 95 children aged 4-7 attend the Umoja ECD (Early Child Development) School in Boyani, 20km inland from Mombassa. Learn more… Kenya
Find Your Feet – training 500 farmers in sustainable agriculture techniques in famine stricken Zimbabwe.Learn more… Zimbabwe
FlySpec – supporting surgeons travelling Zambia in a light aircraft so they can provide emergency healthcare to remote villages, over 1400 operations provided per year for free. Learn more… Zambia
FSH Bukavu – a vocational training and feeding programme for young adults whose lives have been damaged by the war in D.R. Congo. Learn more… DR Congo
Kapwatai water spring – providing with access to clean water in Uganda. Learn more… Uganda
Lakka hospital – providing food to a local hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Learn more… Sierra Leone
Lela – a childrens home in Kamukuywa, Kenya, and a place to call home for 70 5 to 15 year olds. Learn more… Kenya
Mbengwi – caring for children with disabilities through life-changing operations and rehabilitation in Cameroon. Learn more… Cameroon
Monrovia Academy – 800 children attend the Meal a Day Academy in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, and are given education and hope. Learn more… Liberia
Mumias borehole – providing safe, clean water in Kenya, and changing lives. Learn more… Kenya
Nalondo – Nalondo CBM School for the Physically Disables providing shelter, food, and education for physically disabled children in Kenya. Learn more… Kenya
Obstetric fistula repair – funding 20 women to undergo fistula repair surgery. Learn more… Tanzania
PIES – Partners In Education Swaziland helps around 70 orphaned children with food and basic education. Learn more… Swaziland
Samburu borehole – a water project born from a BBC2 documentary! We have helped support over 1600 have access to clean water in one of the ‘Toughest Place to be a farmer’ in the world. Learn more… Kenya
Send a Cow – over 100 households given cows to provide them with milk as well as training in agricultural techniques. Learn more… Rwanda
Shirati borehole – building a simple borehole has helped 1500 people have access to clean water in Tanzania. Learn more… Tanzania
Timboni – celebrating 20 years at Timboni, an orphanage in Central Eastern Kenya supporting 200 children. Learn more… and watch the video Kenya
Village Water Zambia – working with the charity Village Water Zambia, Meal-a-Day helps provide safe water and sanitation to thousands. Learn more… Zambia
WhizzKids United – health clinic in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, designed to support children effected by HIV. Learn more… South Africa